Luxury Hotel In Jaisalmer

Luxury Hotel In Jaisalmer

Winds Desert Camp Provided Luxury Hotels in Jaisalmer.Winds Desert Camp provide guest rooms which offer rustic style and spacious comfortless.Such Winds Desert Camp allow you to celebrate Functions, parties, conferences, where we have stylishly designed banquet halls, which offer comfortable seating and equipped with modern amenities. Call Us At 9950521870

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Winds Desert Camp ventures to bring home the pleasures, charms, uniqueness and excitement of the desert life, to you at your threshold during the Sept. to March. With credibility, vast experiences and professional skill supported by well trained cum experienced staff for your comfort and healthy food.

May we assure you, of one excellence in all fields to attend to your needs at the barest minimum expenses that will amaze you.

We provide fully equipped tentage accommodation with toilet facilities, electricity, thus bringing home away from home experience to you. Be close to nature, enjoy the Rajasthani heritage in our elegantly built tents having centre room, Verandah, toilets with all modern facilities including 24 hrs running water.

To add to your experiences, joyous and gaiety, we have an open air restaurant. Call Us At 9950521870

To your surprise our site is just 32 km from jaisalmer at SAM DUNES. Though at the neighborhood of city of Jaisalmer, it is well within the Desert experiences in the sand dunes playing hide and seek with you which will be Thrilling experience too.

Let our endeavour be your pleasure of life

We organize specializing exclusive deluxe camel safaris and camping anywhere in the desert of Rajasthan. The base camp is located 3 km before sam sand dunes where you can enjoy our special desert dream package. Package includes night stay, camel safari, traditional welcome, refreshment, Folk music and dance, camp fire, dinner and breakfast. Call Us At 9950521870

Winds Desert Camp provides swiss tents in the traditional Indian environment with all type of facility including medical and accommodation facilities. Not the kind of of holidays most people like. However, if youre not looking for bustling bazaars , jostling malls, videos in every room , music systems in every passing Car and other such tourist attractions, you might consider our camps quite charming. Call Us At 9950521870

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Contact Person : Mr.Virendra Singh
Address : Winds Desert Camp Khaba Road Village Kanoi Sam Road Sam Jaisalmer Rajasthan
Mobiel No : +91-9950521870
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