Winds Desert Camp In Jaisalmer

Winds Desert Camp In Jaisalmer

Winds Desert Camp In Jaisalmer ventures to bring home the pleasures, charms uniqueness and excitement of the desert life, to you at your threshold during the Sept to March With credibility vast experiences and professional skill supported by well trained cum experienced staff for your comfort and healthy food.


Safari in Jaisalmer :- Lonely roads scarce life, no vegetation where are we Amid deserts where the horizon meets you and only you remain. A camp in the lap of nature so barren yet so subtle.You have all the time in the world to spend on yourself Precious time which you yearned for A proper camel Safari in the Desert can only experience all these The thought finding oneself between the sea of sand is itself mesmerizing The hobbies of royalties of Rajasthan have come within the reach of the masses A large number of travel agents and tour operators in Rajasthan organize camel safaris Jeep safari is also worth taking in Jaisalmer if you are a fun loving and adventurous creature.Jeep safari is usually affordable and is generally done on 4X4 open Jeeps. These are powerful machines and are fit for long excursions such as Sam Sand Dunes and Phalodi. You can opt for the same in the Desert National Park too.Call Us At 9950521870


Jaisalmer Camel Safari :- In the Thar desert in the northwest India in a place where the exotism and color of the Indian cities meets the calm and hilly shape of the desert sands the camels are moving. They do so for centuries Their bosses have carried the goods along the Silk Road have fed teeming populations have walked over sands that bind cities leaving behind the marks of the deep steps into a world of mystery and fantasy.The Indian epic texts gave the desert a name that linked it to religion and spices: Lavanasagara, the Salt Ocean, that was born on a distance from the River Sarasvati, one of the main rivers mentioned in the Rig Veda ancient Hindu texts.Jaisalmet appears in the middle of the desert as a shining city of light, crowned by the unusual shape of the castle. The streets are crowded every day by the local merchants, the gypsy girls dancing in an undulating movements to the sound of a music emanating from the unusual strings and percussion instruments. Somewhere among them we can still hear the rawanhathha, a typical local guitar, with its unique sound that nowadays, only a few know how to play.


History Of Jaisalmer :- Jaisalmer was one of the Rajput kingdoms of Rajasthan which emerged in sixteenth century India in the modern north west of the country It was centred around the city of Jaisalmer in south-western Rajasthan It has been nicknamed the Golden City thanks to its yellow sandstone structures and the gold coloured desert surrounding them It was once the royal seat of the Bhatti Rajputs (the Yaduvanshi) a sect which had one or two notable warrior leaders Today's Jaisalmer Rajputs claim descent from these including early medieval kings such as Jaisimha Devraj (considered to be the founder of the Jaisalmer royal line) Rawal Jaisal (who established the city of Jaisalmer in 1156) and Rawal Jethsi (who faced an eight year siege by Sultan Aladin Khilji if Delhi around 1294) The Rajputs who inherited the territory were Hindu warrior clans, and the word rajput itself literally means the son of the king with the people being known for their valour.There were a number of small Rajput kingdoms which emerged between the sixth and thirteenth centuries including Amer Bikaner Bundi Jodhpur Malwa Kannauj Mewar and all were eventually conquered by the Moghuls.Patiala in the south eastern area of the modern Indian state of Punjab was a Jat Sikh state which was founded by Sardar Baba Ala Singh The line of kings traces its ancestry to Rawal Jaisal the founder of the city of Jaisalmer.Call Us At 9950521870


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